Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Do you have a favorite movie ?

Now-a-days each and everyone watches movies and everyone have their specific taste and flavour as far as movies are concerned. Some people like romantic movies, some like action and some like to watch emotional movies. In short, everyone has their own taste.

Personally, I like any movie depending on the mood….

It could be action movies, sci-fi, and the ones that amuse me a lot is another category of movies popularly known as ANIMATION. People from any age like to watch animated movies. These kind of movies are really refreshing and pleasant and leave no stress at all.

There are so many that have been released and it has become an industry by itself… It is even more interesting to know about the industry, and how they make these pictures.....

Most actors take a break, and lend their voices….. and they enjoy it tremendously.

So try and get hold one of them…. you won't be disappointed.....

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